About us

SOLAR-TECHNIK Ltd, founded in 1991, is a czech manufacturer specialising in window blind technology. In addition, our portfolio is further expanded by auxillary products to complete our interior and exterior design solutions. In order to remain independent, we have constructed our own highly modern powder coating plant for ferrous and aluminium surfaces.


The company is based in Frystak at its own purpose built industrial estate which houses the administration centre as well as the production facility. We also own a regional agent office in Prague to help maintain our nation wide costumer base. All logistical operations are undertaken by our own transport division.

SOLAR-TECHNIK Ltd offers comprehensive service to the costumer beginning with specialist advice through production, installation to maintenance and repair, both during and after the guarantee period. All of our products are made to measure according to the client requirements. Our costumers have a choice of wide range of colours, structural profiles, electrical components (motors, switches, sensors, etc) and dimensions. We only use first class material and components sourced from either Czech Republic or other countries in western Europe.

Our paramount is full satisfaction of our costumer's needs by our individual approach. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our costumers with high quality products which have been made with quality to price ratio in mind.

„Our costumer – Our Master.”

- Tomas Bata

„Keep trying to do your best in the world and the world will make its way to your door.”

- Tomas Bata.

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